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When you welcome a new baby into the world, you likely want to give them a name that is meaningful. Perhaps you want it to be a tribute to someone you love and admire or something inspired by a close friend. You could also choose a name that has a significant definition that you hope inspires your child to be strong, compassionate, or creative.

If you like the name Kevin but want to give it a unique twist when it comes to naming your own baby, then try the similarly sounding Brevin. If you have a relative named Kevin, he will surely be thrilled by your choice! Even parents who have never seen an episode may be interested in the name, which is much less common than the traditional Bram. This will also be a favorite for those who appreciate the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the superhero portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

Thanks to the continuing popularity of the show Stranger Thingsthe name Eleven will be a popular choice for parents who want something unique for their little girls in In August — yes, in the middle of summer — singer Alanis Morissette welcomed a baby boy into the world and named him Winter Mercy.

The star also has two other children, a daughter named Onyx Solace and son Ever Imre. Major League Baseball star Bryce Harper opted for the same name with a slightly different spelling, going with Krew for his baby boy, who was born in August No doubt plenty of parents will be inspired to name their sons after the man who flies into the danger zone. Names that start with the letter Q are relatively uncommon, which makes them a great choice for parents who are looking for something unique for their sons.

Opting for Charlie as a first name, she went with Wolf for a middle name, which is a paw some choice. If you like the idea of the name Wolf, then you might also want to think about naming your baby boy Coyote.

There are plenty of popular boy names that begin with the letter O, such as Oliver, Owen, Oscar, and Ozzy. However, if you want something a little more unique, then your son might be destined for the name Omri.

Parents who love art and would like to give their child a creative name can look to Henri Matisse for inspiration. Thank you! Get the best LittleThings. Share With. We at LittleThings care about accuracy.This ancient name meaning "treasurer" is admittedly already popular in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, where it's sometimes shortened to Cas.

Browse More Hipster Baby Names. Defined as "to cause to lose one's way," this name is destined to belong to a very strong-willed little one. Although the name has not cracked the top list in the last years, it is on the rise. A modern twist on Jackson, Jax skips a traditional moniker and goes straight to cool nickname status. Top Pick : Otis. Vintage grandpa names dubbed "old man" names have become especially popular for boys in the past few years.

Yes, celebs like Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis picked Otis for their son, but this name is still well outside of the top coming in in so it's still sure to be a unique pick. Landing at on Nameberry's list of top baby names list inyour son won't be in much danger of being one of many Jetts raising hands in kindergarten.

The Most Popular Baby Boy Names for 2020 Are Inspired by Travel

This name comes from the black semi-precious stone or you can go with jet engine if you're a lover of air travel. This name is being touted as a top name for boys inbut it's no where near too popular yet. This last name option was popular at the turn of the 20th century, but fell out of favor from the s until it reemerged a decade ago.

Still, Miller is far out of the too popular range ranking in Browse More Short Baby Names. Scottish for blond, and identified with rocker David Bowie and Alamo hero Jim Bowie, this name also has never made the top list, but definitely carries a bad boy cache. Colorful nature-themed baby names are among the most popular bohemian baby names around, and Jasper, which is a red, rust, or brown precious stone is climbing the charts but not too much in terms of popularity.

If you're feeling especially grateful for a rainbow baby on the way, express it by choosing this unique boy name that means "blessing". This Spanish name is on the rise due to the fact that it goes well with last names of many origins, but it's still out of the top list as of This Hebrew name meaning "God supports, heals" is more unique spin on Joseph, but not so uncommon that people won't know how to spell it.

Looking for a name with a little bit of southern swagger? With a shortened form of Remy, Remington works beautifully as a boy or girl name and invokes feelings of infamous cowboy gear.

Browse More Southern Baby Names. By Liz Lashway Updated November 15, Save Pin ellipsis More. Looking for a unique baby name?

Good call. Research shows that parents who regret their choice of baby name say it's because their chosen name ended up being too popular. Start Slideshow. Image zoom. Top pick : Casper This ancient name meaning "treasurer" is admittedly already popular in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, where it's sometimes shortened to Cas.

boys names

Runners-up: Harley Rocco Maximus. Runners-up: Phoenix Zane Zeke. Top Pick : Otis Vintage grandpa names dubbed "old man" names have become especially popular for boys in the past few years.

Runners-up: Hugo Leopold Nelson. Runners-up: Mekhi Orion Gunner.Names are the first identity you can give your baby. So, wouldn't you like it to be the best?

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There are hundreds of common names that baby boys can be given; but it's the unique ones that get the attention. If you have a baby boy and are looking for some unique, unusual yet cute names for him you are absolutely at the right place. Some people like to have common names for their sons and some like them with a difference.

Having a unique name adds a singular and special identity to your baby boy. Look no further for such unique names for your baby boy, we have loads of them right here. Would you like to write for us?

boys names

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boys names

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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.I strive to provide helpful information, including smart and fun methods for solving everyday problems. Just as hemlines rise and fall and lapels widen and shrink, names go in and out of fashion. Names that sound new, fresh, and exciting eventually become overused, go out of style, or otherwise lose their appeal. But like bell-bottom jeans and double-breasted suit coats, if you wait long enough, they eventually come back in style.

Retro names for the most part are traditional in the sense that they have been around for centuries and have Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, or Germanic roots and meanings. You can choose a "unique" name without making up something silly, such as Jermajesty, or a meaningless name that sounds like the next arthritis medicine, for example, Breylon.

Another nice thing about a "vintage" or "retro" name is that you can mine your family tree and name your baby boy after a beloved grandfather, great-grandfather, or great-uncle. Your child's namesake or his relatives, if he is no longer living will be thrilled, and your son will have a classic, traditional name that he doesn't have to share with half the boys in his kindergarten class.

According to Social Security records in the s, the following were the top 40 male names in America. These classic names show up on the top list year after year, and never seem to sound outdated. They could be considered "retro" or "vintage" by some, so I went ahead and included them in this list.

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These names from back in the day don't sound right at the moment. But who knows? They might be the "it" names of tomorrow.

Do you have a "retro" name? What names are your favorites? What names do you think still sound outdated? Did I leave any great names off the list? Let me know! If you have chosen one of these names for your son, I'd love to hear which one and the middle name you chose to go along with it. Here's a list of retro-cool vintage baby names for girls. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

I'm a bit obsessed with certain boy names being used as girl names, i. Lachlan, Laken, Rian, Blake to name a few.

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And girls As you can tell, I have an "old-fashion" name, so I want to name my children with "old-fashion" names as well. I gave my son the name Phoenix for his first name after the mythical bird that rose from the ashes better and stronger than before and Jude for his middle name, after saint Jude.

I love both names but deliberately gave him a middle name that started with J so if children had difficulty saying Phoenix they could call him PJ.Baby boy names come in many different varieties. Along with traditional boy names such as James and Henry, there are modern classics like Oliver and Asher and new and unique boy names such as Phoenix and Kai. That makes choosing the right name for your son a challenging task, but Nameberry is here to help. Our top names for boys are updated every month, so you know which boy names other parents are considering right now for their baby boys.

While there are plenty of classic boy names on the popularity list, the top boy names also include lots of vintage names, gender neutral names, and boy names from around the world. Unique names — and by that we mean both rare names and unconventional ones — are becoming more, well, popular for boys all the time. There are thousands more unique boy names in use now than ever before, with more baby boys receiving names that lie outside the Top Unique boy names might be nature names or place names, ancient names or invented names.

Unique boy names might stretch international or gender boundaries, or the very definition of what can be a name. Here are some of our favorite unique names for boys:. The Nameberry database contains boy names across the style map. Find new names that match your style with our curated collections of fashionable boy names. Search boy names by origin to find new international options or dig deeper into the roots of names in the established English lexicon.

Many centuries-old boy names have Latin, Greek, or Hebrew roots, while new names are immigrating to the US in increasing numbers from cultures as diverse as Irish, African, and Russian. On Nameberry, we have boy names from all over the world. Browse our lists of boy names by origin to find an international favorite or culturally-significant name for your son. Looking for advice about naming your baby boy, or just want to talk about boy names? Visit our forums to see what the Berry community is saying about boy names.

Our baby name generator uses baby boy names you like to help you discover new names you might love.


Logout My Stuff Login Register. Start your search here for the perfect name for your little boy. See all top boy names. See all unique baby names.

boys names

Search Boy Names by Origin Search boy names by origin to find new international options or dig deeper into the roots of names in the established English lexicon.

Join the Conversation Looking for advice about naming your baby boy, or just want to talk about boy names? Dashiell or Zayden? Chevron - Right What are your favorite gender neutral names? Chevron - Right Middle names for Apollo? Chevron - Right Help! Baby Name Generator Our baby name generator uses baby boy names you like to help you discover new names you might love. Generate new boy names.We will update this article when that information becomes available.

Finding the perfect name for your new baby boy can take some time and careful consideration, but it can also be a lot of fun. In fact, it's one of the first and biggest decisions you have to make as a new parent.

Are you looking for a boy name that speaks to a family tradition or honors a cultural tradition? Or do you want your son to have a completely unique name? Whatever your approach, you'll find plenty of great options in the following list of the 1, most popular baby boy names, as recorded by the Social Security Administration SSA.

The following list reflects the U. Take a look through to help you narrow down your list of favorites or inspire new ones and enjoy the experience of finding a name you love for your new son.

In the United States, it's traditional for a person to have three names—a first name, a middle name, and your family or last name. Of course, there are plenty of parents who give their children more than one middle name, or none at all.

Whatever you choose for your son, it's always a good idea to make sure the names flow well together as a group, and that the initials don't spell out something that might embarrass you or your child in the future! It may sound like common sense, but making sure you run through these considerations with your favorite names will help you feel more confident in finding the perfect name for your little one.

Choosing a family name for your baby boy is still a common tradition, but there are multiple ways to go about it. In some families, the son usually the first child has the exact same name as the father, with the addition of a "Jr. In other families, name sharing may be less traditional. Some parents will name their son the same first name as the father, but call the son by their more unique middle name to help differentiate between the two.

Or some families use different names completely, but choose ones that have similar meanings or sounds to honor the original name. When it comes to sharing names, be sure to consider the most famous and historical figures who will share your son's name.

Are they individuals you want your son to be associated with? Whether you plan for it or not, the association with a famous person who shares the same name will likely follow your child throughout their lives so take special care to make sure you're happy with the choice. There are so many great gender-neutral names you might not have thought of yet in your search for the perfect boy name. Take a look—you might just find the one you've been waiting for! The Social Security Administration usually releases the previous year's birth certificate data around Mother's Day each year.

It compiles the most popular baby names from the previous year and provides you with the most popular numbers.

20 Unique Boy Names For Babies Born In 2020

The list above refers to the top 1, baby boy names fromas determined by birth certificate data. The information is not yet available.

In addition to this list, you can search the entire SSA database for over years worth of baby name data, from forward, on your search for the best name for your baby boy. For more baby boy name inspiration, take a look at the following lists:. Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Social Security Administration.

Popular names in If you look back at baby names over the past few decades, the rule of thumb used to be that boy names were relatively stable.

According to the Social Security Administration SSA — which keeps track of these things, going back to the late s — Michael was the most popular boy's name in the country from to with a little blip in when David took the top spot for a year. That's 44 years of Michaels! After that, it was Jacob, which had a year run from to Thank you, Twilight.

But things change more rapidly now. Since JacobNoah took the top spot for just four short years before it was dethroned. Liam has been the No. Or will we cycle on to the next name — James or Oliverperhaps, which are coming up fast?

Popular Boy Names

Here, we examine the trends around current baby boy names foralong with the SSA's current top baby names for boys. No boys? You can find the most popular baby names for girlsalong with unisex and gender-neutral names. Since the SSA gets a record of every new baby in the country, it has the most up-to-date information about the popularity of names. The agency usually releases its list of the most popular names of the previous year around Mother's Day, but this year it has delayed the announcement due to the COVID pandemic.

Its list of the most common names for boys from are below. But in addition to the list of most popular names, it also keeps tabs on which names are climbing the charts. These 10 baby boy names may not be as common as Liam or Noah yet, but they saw huge increases, and they are headed towards the top.

Kylo is on the rise, can Ren be far behind?

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Right now, Ren isn't in the top 1, baby names. Kylo Ren has given everything to the dark side. TBT throwbackthursday. It's also interesting to note that many of these fast-climbing names are really just alternate spellings, like Kairo for Cairo currently on the overall listJaxtyn for Jaxton or Jackson 17and Karsyn for Carson In addition to the SSA, baby-naming site Nameberry keeps track of interest in different baby names among its users.

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